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Excellent article,

I really think that we need to think fundamentaly about how we view this city as a region. I agree that the real problems of the future are the Carlows and Kingscourts.

I think DCC understand new urban but that like everything else developers will develop where the greatest profits are to be made. In reality that is Tullamore vs Townsend St.

In Ireland everyone is obsessed with house prices, while little is known about urban land markets.

That is in my opinion the root problem, and what compounds the problem are the LA’s such as DLRCC and SDCC in particular who will grant permission for Sandyfords and ParkWests years before the transit is in place.

This leads to a situation that when roads are eventually put into place, they start life afflicted by gridlock.

I welcome all the IBM investments in Ireland, they are an excellent employer but this State has served them poorly. It is the yellowpack policies on infrastructure that greatly endanger this and other ‘fast food strategy’ IT industries.

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