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Imagine living someplace like America though, where everyplace is only as old as Tallaght? Reading the article I was struck very much by the way, they profiled the incomes of the residents, and how the city or town was only founded in the 1920s! At least Tallaght may have been a farm land or village or something long before 1920. Talking about anchor projects;,1,3760846.story?coll=la-headlines-california

America is a strange place where you have the juxtaposition of ancient tribes of Indians and brand new mass scale development.

Hoping to transform the city into a vast entertainment district, the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians is seeking permission to turn a square-mile portion of the downtown core into a multibillion-dollar complex featuring high-rises, shopping malls, restaurants, a theme park and a second casino.

what we need here in Dublin is people like the ‘Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians’.

I wonder will they being doing something like this for Tallaght and LUAS someday soon?

I think Tallaght might become a bit like Galway or LImerick in future – a relocation habitat.

In America, the traditional place for industry was in the north and the southern states were poor in comparison. Nowadays places like Atlanta (Olympics fame) are becoming attractive for company HQ relocation. Parts of Ireland has been a bit like that for a few years now.

Notice the ‘more details’ bit down at the end, where each city or area, has a web site, a bit like the Corporation/council web sites here, detailing exactly what the area has to offer in terms of services, strategic qualities etc, etc.

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