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An Taisce has a website, if you want to join the organisation there are monthly meetings.

Good for the site traffic on this site all the same.

Archeire does a better job on discussion forums because it has a wider group of computer literate users. Everyone from save it all Devin to pile it higher Stira.


As in our previous discussions I am not saying that An Taisce has handled its PR perfectly. Simply that it failed to get its message accross clearly and that O’Cuiv and Cowley and a number of clientist politicians capitalised on this to develop their own support base.

A little like a lot of talk about all the various European Referanda,

In 1986 ‘Ireland would be part of NATO’ according to some it never happened.

In 1992 ‘Ireland was going to dissapear economically and we’d all be on the dole’

For monertary union the currency was going to fail. For Nice we were back to losing neutrality again.

All emotive arguments with no factual basis

An Taisce in contrast has three physical programmes,


Planning submissions


In addition to it’s advocacy of policies which are reached by quorum not on the back of a major box whilst parked at traffic lights on the way to Montrose.


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