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It surfaced on the O’Connell St thread about Dublin being bad in comparison to Continental Cities and Front Ranked US Cities such as New York or Boston.

But in comparison to countries such as India as mentioned on the other Thread or the El Alto shanty outside LaPaz Bolivia, where the environment is being thrashed on a nightmare scale. It is a question of improvement and not rampant levels of criminality.

Cullen is not a bullyboy and Dempsey was a good minister for the environment.

They could do more if people such as yourself stopped cutting and pasting the opinions from Frank McDonalds ‘The Destruction of Dublin’ everytime someone disagrees with you.

An Taisce was not the only organisation to suffer budget cutbacks this year. I find McCreevy a little cautious as a finance minister but caution is better than bankrauptcy.

I would say however An Taisce deserves the money it got over the three years. It delivers good value for money to the taxpayer.

When the PR improves and this should coincide with a better economic climate,
An Taisce merits restoration of funding.

But as long as individual members keep spouting on about ‘vested interests’ the funding will be given to those who behave better.

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