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I understand onlt too well that the past PR of An Taisce has been poor. It is going to take time for An Taisce to win back the support of much of those who could possibly be members of the National Trust if they were resident in the UK.

I don’t accept that An Taisce is predominently made up of D4 types. I acknowedge the problems that such people cause, their way or no way.

We will have a small problem keeping a lid on their opinions in the short term. But make no mistake the new director of An Taisce will allow no minority exploit the organisation to their own ends.

Re The Docklands An Taisce has no input there nobody doers except the Authority, Developer and residents groups. That suits An Taisce as there is little or no heritage buildings down there. The major objections levelled by An Taisce were the revised Georges Quay scheme on the basis of it’s impacts on the Custom House and the very bland Spencer Dock.

Regarding the wider point of bland architecture I couldn’t let the possibility of one observer influence my design input.

Just follow the development plan and be bold with original design concepts in mind. Once you can prove that you have taken steps to mitigate concerns raised, you will win the argument.

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