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Still spewing out sarcasm and resent towards and taisce I see, Fin.

Not withstanding the fact that an taisce should be more supportive of modern architecture, an architects discussion forum is not particularly the best place to be having a go at the organisation. After all, the institute representing professional architects feels more or less the same as an taisce about one off housing (the issue that has earned it all the controversy). But an taisce is the only one Really sticking its neck out on the issue and so is incurring the venomous hatred of gombeen clientilist county councillors and estate agents up and down the country (and by proxy their constituents and customers). But that’s understanable. We are a post-colonial nation in its infancy.’Put a beggar on horseback’ and he builds a dormer- windowed Georgian bungalow on an elevated site in the raw Irish landscape.

As for you Fin why dont you go to the next Irish Rural Dwellers Association meeting (preferably chaired by michael healy rae). You would make lots of friends there and be able to share hate stories about an t.

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