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I always thought the direct flight was to Donegal? I also doubt that Sligo trades more with Glasgow than anywhere else in Ireland.

In case you didn’t know Ireland has the most open trading economy in the World, there are extensive trading links with everywhere particularly the UK,US and Belgium

Architecture is about all those things, but those who realise their aspirations are those who play smart. Site selection is generally a good place to start.

As a general rule of thumb the developers who make a return are those who can convert latent site value without interfering with the urban grain

Youre real argument is not with An Taisce but with the Local Authority. Even more specifically with the student who didn’t list the Teeling House for protection. If you sold the merits of your building as opposed to repeating how your client will benefit from the development you could stand a higher chance of success.

After all the Local Authority have a duty to all the residents of Sligo on an equal basis. Not to specific land holders regardless of how much they paid for a site

If you paid $128 for Intel Stock in March 2000 who would you blame, I know Fin would blame An Taisce would you?

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