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Originally posted by Diaspora

It was a little piece in the Herald about the campaign cars being used by Eoin Ryan (Roystons running mate). Aparently the cars were neither taxed nor insured, I think the incident just about sums up the attitude towards transport in this government. :rolleyes:

I read the piece in question and despite the smileys attached to the two previous remarks, I still feel that to call it tax evasion or representative of the attitude of the government is going a bit far. Yes I smiled when I saw it, but I didn’t think it was front-page exclusive material then and still don’t.

The cars were new and hired for the campaign. I remember the article quoted someone as saying they were actually insured and taxed but for some reason the discs weren’t in place. Any oversight on the disc situation would be the fault of the promotions company or whoever supplied the cars to them. Ryan’s team presumably requested cars and obviously weren’t out to save the few quid by not having them taxed or insured.

Now if they had been, that would be a story.

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