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niall murphy

Yes city of Manchester stadium has two tiers that go all the way around the ground in bowl form, and each of the side stands has an extra one.
When this was built for the commonwealth games there was 1 tier at each end. As far as I know after the games they excavated downwards and built a whole new tier around the whole ground.
I dont think there’ll be much scope for enlargement in Lansdowne in this way in the future but you never know.

If you ask me the best bet was a 60-65,000 seater in abbotstown. This could be extended to meet any future needs we would have which cannot be said for Lansdowne.

Also Abbotstown was to facilitate athletics so moveable seats would probably have been provided on order for a track to be used.

Having everything together in 1 sports campus which could,ve been gradually built over the years could, nay I say it, brought the olympics or such here. Why is the cheap way out always picked. The benefit in solid investment is huge

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