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I agree completely. There’s no real infrastructure at all in Lucan and the ‘N4’ is a joke of a road, especially at that junction with the M50. There’s no railway station in Lucan either even though it lies very close to the main Dublin – Cork railiway line.

I completely agree with any Adamstown objections due to the lack of infrastructure in Lucan, but a website that was set up so that thousands of people could object to the development had a statement prepared on the website. People simply clicked on an icon on the page and they were added to a list of people that were opposed to the development.

One sentence on the ‘prepared’ list of reasons behind the objection stated that in addition to a lack the lack of infrastructure, the development contained elements that were too high.

Although I wanted to object to the development due to the lack of infrastructure, I wasn’t against the high rise elements of Adamstown but couldn’t register this on the website. Someone else had also decided that buildings in Adamstown would be too high on my behalf!

I supposed I’m a bit biased in that I like tall buildings, but I don’t like the way Lucan has developed into miles and miles of low rise housing estates.

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