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Originally posted by bluefoam
But I have seen the downside recently as a mojor development is planned behind my parents home, which will include a 6 – 8 storey building overlooking their back garden, destroying the privacy they have had for the past 20 years.

This is *exactly* what I’m talking about!

I’m originally from Helsinki (Finland) myself, and lived in big & high apartment buildings for the first 25 years of my life – until I moved to Ireland. God, I would NOT go back to living in those big monstrous things…

The reason I consider these planned 5-storey buildings high, is that they would be right next to houses that would be left in their shadow. We’d actually be the lucky ones out of our neighbours as we’d have a green area right behind our house (so we’d still be able to enjoy the sun in our back garden). But from our next-door neighbour onwards, their gardens would “enjoy” constant shadow..

Also, it would indeed be nice to enjoy some privacy in your own back garden.

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