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Rita Ochoa

“goodbye sun & privacy, and all that..?!” on 5-storey apartment houses ??!!!
I live on the 6th floor and most of population in my country lives on appartments, some on the 20th or 30th floor and we can’t complain about lack of privacy! Also, specially on the top floor you can get a lot of sunlight and, in my case, luclky I don’t have to take care of a garden.
I think Ireland schould take advantage of not having earthquakes and start to build higher buildings. Of corse, first you have to loose some silly pre-concepts where only “some different” people live on flats, etc.
A house can be great but believe me that in our times it’s hard to live and take care of one if you have certain lifestyles.
Personally, I do prefer to live in appartments, the higher the best, with great views and sunlight, privacy 🙂

I do understand bluefoam when he complains about is parents situation and that’s why planning high buildings isn’t easy and has to be according serious urban plans, not forgeting the distances, green areas, parking, etc.

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