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Anyone know of any images/portraits of the great man himself and unsung hero Luke Gardiner …aka junior and senior.

Maybe a campaign should be started to give these great urban planners of Georgian Dublin
the credit they deserve. Yep I can see B..B…Bertie et al jumping on the band wagon.

A sculpture would be very apt done in a Baroque style with a bit of a swagger and set in a square of some sort in his part of Dublin. Pity that Gardiner Street has suffered however.

(Ever see that statue too of Robert Emmet on St Steven’s Green, somewhat lost where it is is’nt it………I often thought that it should be moved to the front of St Catherine’s Church with a square of some sort being created in Thomas Street where he had his bit of an uprising and was executed.)
Feck the traffic here, the fabric, history and culture of the city matters more.

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