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i won’t get too excited graham, i’m a senior member too and i never have anything memorable to say.

so here is my favourite story about how everyone has changed their opinion about the spike, for some reason i was home on friday and had joe duffy on and some people were ringing in giving out because gavin friday had pulled an inflatable spike between his legs at the brown thomas fashion show and waved it in an suggestive way, anyway joe encouraged people to ring in with their views, was the shocking or harmless fun, who knows, but all the phone calls were from people who wanted to know were they could buy inflatable spikes.

the answer, by the way, is that the inflatable spike gavin friday pulled though his legs was a bespoke creation made by the point prop department and, according to the times, the image of the spike belongs to ian richie, but he, lovely man, is giving it a “spire trust” which will license these things and give the profits out in grants to arts groups and so on.

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