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Nuala Davey

Well, I hope yer all happy now!

Talk of the death of Catholic Ireland? Building obelisks/erections whatever you want to call them in the middle of O’Connell Street? To think on our national holiday, bands of pipers and poor young children educated by the fine Irish priests and nuns’ll have to walk past that sort of thing?

What about giving the money to the Church? They’re doing a grand job for the homeless and the children of Dublin? Look at Archibishop O’Connell and all those fine priests leading by example?

I am most concerened as a mother of 7, that the money could have been used to increase my child benefit.. or my husband’s overtime in the prison service..

What a waste of money, imagine what €4.5 million would have got us, fine fully operated state of the art hospitals in Monaghan, operated by the North Eastern Health Board, more money to spend putting asphalt over potholes. The odd signpost pointing nowhere, don’t get me talking about the homeless…. Sure it’s loads…..

Anyway, what’s wrong with a Sean Lemass tower and a viewing platform to look over the fine street O’Connell Street is…. dirt and all?

Good night and God bless

Nuala D

P.S. ‘Ah sure it’ll do rightly.’

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