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I can’t make it for 10. No fair! Should be a national holiday. Anyway it was looking great at dawn this morning. The finish is brilliant.

Watching the guys polishing the section on the ground with what looked like brasso, I noticed there’s a round side vent about 10cm diameter which protrudes a couple of cms. It’s located near the green tempory collar. You can see the collar at

Any ideas what it’s for? I guess I won’t be able to see it again anyway but I’m curious.

Also, I’ve heard theres to be a red aviation light on the tip. How whould this be mounted?

You’re right about the Tai Chi – there were tv lights behind them and they looked like statues sillouetted on the street. Like the famine memorial gone wrong. Wish I had a camera with me.

For any expats out there – 2fm (ryan show) are doing live coverage which should be available streaming on web.

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