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at least peter you seem to realise how likely it is that any irish government would ever build the rest of the ‘olympic facility’ originally proposed for abbotstown.
eircom park was at least sited within tallaght (a most neglected part of dublin city) would spread our cities 3 stadiums around nicely in a geographical sense and will be served by the luas. abbotstown meanwhile would need it’s own new luas line or similar, requiring at least one previously undiscovered oil field to be found, and is not a part of the city although the cows are being squeezed out by the ever creeping closer new housing estates in the area. Also wouldn’t it be a shame to lose John Tuomeys laboratories out there not to mention unnecessary in my view. What’s the cost of building them again somewhere else? I unashamedly favour stadiums in the city and feel that that’s the price to pay for residents who can walk to stephens green in the case of the two we have already. After driving past a tail-back which stretched from Abeeyleix almost to Kildare town at 10.30 on the night of the hurling final, it was the residents of abbeyleix I felt more sorry for, not those beside croke park. Stadiums and big matches cause disruption – shoving them to our cities fringes is not the way foward.

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