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Luke Gardnier

‘Unused lands’ in intact and most unique 18th century setting been ‘considered’ for sale !!

Someone saw this coming like an express train !!

Originally posted by John Callery November 2000 as part of discussion topic – Office Blocks @ Kilmainham Gaol & Royal Hospital.

Latest news from Kilmainham is that Sile Dev Velera is anxious after she shifts Mr Mc Gonagle as curator of IMMA (cue presently under way) that she intends moving the IMMA to “the more fashionable docklands” this is a prelude to the opening up of the ancient lands of the Royal Hospital for “renewal and development” – more LEGO to be built – but now in the grounds of the Royal Hospital – we always suspected that these ancient massive inner city grounds would have “progressive developers” wishing – “if only we could get in there”. Now the way is being planned and without a doubt we shall read of some great plan in the future of ‘renewal’ !! to facilitate them in and over the wall from Kilmainham Gaol when the vacation of the IMMA is announced.{QUOTE}

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