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This is looking more and more like a big mistake and a complete waste. The docklands in Dublin are being wasted as it is, with absolutely nothing of any note being built. There’s nothing that stands out, isn’t that part of what architecture is about – to create buildings that stand out, provide a focal point and generate discussion? Where is this in the docklands?

It looks like they’re going to waste another large tract of land under 5 storey monotonous lego blocks. The IFSC extension is so unimaginative its depressing, you’d barely notice it from across the river. They had a bit on the news with Bertie the eejit saying the Citibank bungalow was too high as it was and he doesn’t want “skyscrapers” in Dublin. Its hard to put into words how much of an idiot I think that man is.

It’d be great to see a few tall buildings beginning to show their heads over the mess that the Dublin “skyline” is at present especially in the docklands – wheres the harm in it? The same goes for other cities around the country, but whether it’ll be allowed to happen by the likes of Bertie the eejit is another matter because tall buildings are, as everyone knows, evil (or something).

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