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Rory W

A thought just struck me on the way home last night – How much did the Government give to the GAA to rebuild Croke Park? I think it was at least £150m – correct me if I’m wrong – Hows about this for an idea give the same amount to the FAI and the IRFU to develop/redevelop there own stadia. Indeed the govenment could assist them in any way possible (PP, project management etc) then everyone would be happy at the cost of £300m. The cost could be borne out through tax incentives and 0% interest loans from the government (and National Lottery) to these organisations. You may even save money by using (near to)duplicate plans for the stadia. Lansdowne Road is a perfect site for a Rugby stadium in terms of transportation links. How about using the underutilised St Anne Park Raheney as a site for the soccer stadium (run a small spur off the Dart line and you’re there).

Any thoughts?

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