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Dont rule us out, i doubt Turkey/Greece will be successful, due to the violent nature of Turkish supporters, i reckon the main competition is from the Scandinavian countries…

Croke Park will soon be able to hold 80,000+ (pending revised planning permission to allow standing on Hill 16) and it seems likely to me that its only a matter of time before the GAA opens up Croker to “other codes” – the motion last year was only defeated by a tiny majority. The GAA owe the government, and the people; grant aid for Croke Park was very generous, and they know it too.

Also, should Bertie still be Taoiseach in a few months, and it seems likely that he will be, Stadium Ireland will go ahead – support for same has grown considerably (as soon as people copped on that their was a possible bid for a major championships in the pipeline.)
Has anybody looked at the Sports Campus website ( the plan is enormous, no wonder it was costed at €1bn +, there is no reason why we cant start with the stadium itself and then construct the other facilities as finance permits 🙂

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