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Dunno about the archaeologist or engineer!!.

It should be fairly straightforward if as you say the extension is an add-on to the existing building.

You will definitely need planning permission for any alterations to a protected structure however the local authorities are fairly sensible in relation to allowable works in this regard – the general principle being that any new works or alterations should not adversely affect the protected structure.

Again the local authorities take a fairly robust view as to the need to make existing residential protected structures ‘liveable’ and will be of assistance to you rather than obstructive.

get an architect involved – preferably one with experience in this area – the RIAI will give you a list of recommended practises.

Don’t worry about the archaeologist or engineer as its unlikey that the y are necessary as the groundworks for a new extension are not likely to exceed the existing and in any case the criteria for archaeological excavations are not pertinent to every protected structure – likewise a letter from an engineeer condemning part of a protected structure won’t be of assistance as the condemnde part might be of importance and merit retention.

Anyway – you should’nt be put off by the listing – there are benefits such as grant aid for structural restoration works eg: roofs and windows, wall pointing, re-rendering etc. and listed houses are generally considered more desirable than their modern equivalents.

finally – the building (no offence) sounds as if the listing is not that significant – most of the south city victorian terraces are protected structures – not for any particular merit in the individual buildings (unlike the Georgian town houses of the inner city)- but because of the urban context that they present – in short – it should’nt cause you too many problems provided that you have an architect with the relevant experience dealing with it.



PS – my own place is list one – early georgian – rare and still has’nt bee na problem in this regard so – again – don’t be put off by the listing.

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