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Luke Gardnier

You lot in Kilmainham and Dublin 8, must realise that the march of a nation cannot be impeded by emotion and lack of realism. You should be grateful for a modern development that will manifest our dynamic economy to the thousands of tourists who visit Dublin’s Kilmainham, which makes a bold statement.. a grand project.. of the new Ireland and a vision of our success and modernity. No doubt other derelict sites and opportunities await development and must not be squandered i.e. office blocks as a backdrop to the Rock of Cashel, Kilkenny Castle, King John’s Castle or the old decrepit Arsenal in the Park. Knock the bloody thing down and the Jail as they only remind us of our past oppression and domination. That’s the problem with Kilmainham its full of “brit-ish-er ar-chi-tec-ture” and none of our own great visions… …..until now. Happy St. Patrick’s day 2002 to all the enlightened city planners in Dublin Corporation and to our very own Paddy Celtic Tiger Type property developers..I believe they call themselves something else now ..the Corporation that is.

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