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..certainly does..i also overheard in the back room of ye royal oak (very reliable venue) that another possibility for the grounds of the RHK could be wait for it a temporary?? park and ride location until the infrastructure inproves !! – parking for the 4000 office workers in the macro blocks maybe ?? .. but geeting back to the macro blocks. “this site was once a choclate factory”…SO WHAT.. what’s the point here??? look at the model.. a space station is presently being planned for this site..smithfield was once all derelict factories..look now and how modern irish architects have designed and worked so well there. Can you imagine the macro blocks with the lights on!!and bearthed (forever) in the face of the gaol and the royal hospital in a district that has the finest examples of victorian, georgian and remnants of monastic and viking settlement dating back to the 7th C…this “THING” looming at the jail is alien,of no benifit to the will actually negate and set tourism back in kilmainham..its proposterous and architecturally off the wall in every respect for such a location- its totally wrong in every sence of the word and its supposed to be part of the iap by DC!!. Contempory architecture could work and make this site if some architectural vision is demanded by the city planners “..if its appropriate and a well thought out design..” as Greg has rightly previously stated.

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