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The 96m tower on Rogersons Quay recently got the go-ahead from An Bord Pleanala. Even if Dunloe can’t come up with the money to develop it themselves, I believe your man who owns Zoe Developments is very keen on the site and might try to acquire the entire Dunloe company just to get his hands on it.

Hopefully the Tara Street building will go ahead too. There’s also provision for a 100m building behind the Point in the Docklands development plan, although I think that whole plan is a waste of valuable space down there (look at the crap they put in the IFSC extension), being far too conservative in nature.

As far as the rest of the country goes, County Hall in Cork is the country’s tallest building (due to be renovated shortly). The new 17 storey Clarion hotel in Limerick is the third tallest now. Thats about all I can think of.

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