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Hi everyone,

Thanks all for the great comments on what is a very, very easily criticised site (chaotic order, odd selection, opinions swinging wildly with moods).

I checked the profile on Busarus, and boy was I way off. It’s already fixed and online. I’ve probably made loads of mistakes like that, and I’m now kind of worried.

I know the Nuzum Bros shopfront well, but it had just slipped my mind. I don’t have any photos of it as yet, but I’ll get to it and it’ll be in the next update. I’m putting up about 280 new city shots in the next couple of days.

Repeated cars: I don’t shoot fast, I shoot very slow. Often (like the link above) it seems like there’s no traffic, when it was actually about 10.30 on a weekday morning. I shot between the cars.

Cheers, and have good weekends,


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