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…I don’t need you WhiteCube to preach to me about my nationality….my love for my country Ireland is unmeasureable …like that of Padraig Pearse for the Virgin and most pure Mary, Posh for Becks, Tristan for Isolde, Gaybo for Kathleen, Bertie for Man Utd……..It is with so much love and from this love with true reflection that I can comment on the state of this nation state….and good on me ye say. Nothing is a sacred cow… your eyes and wake up to reality. When push comes to shove I will be there with green scarf around neck to cheer on the boys in green…..or rifle in arms to defend from oppressors or sweeping brush in hand to protect this little sacred and green isle from litter louts. Where will you be ….but probably hiding under your bed……po on head.

Is Mise le Meas

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