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Strange that the name “King” has come into this because that name is mentioned in the section of the website link that i gave previously. Its reproduced here although it may be of no relevence. However, a George King who is mentioned as the proprietor of the village and manor. Perhaps the manor refers to the house called Dollymount House or Kincora.

Anyway Mike, here is the text;

“In 1641 Luke Netterville and some of his adherents having seized and plundered a vessel which lay at Clontarf, the Earl of Ormonde was instructed to take retaliatory measures against them. He accordingly despatched Sir Charles Coote with some troops to the neighbourhood, where they burnt a considerable portion of the village, destroyed all the boats they could find, and burnt the house of Mr. George King, proprietor of the village and manor. The latter act was all the more remarkable inasmuch as Mr. King had been invited into Dublin but the day before by the Government, from whom he had received an assurance that he might safely go there “without danger of any trouble or stay whatsoever.” It was, however, alleged, that most of the plundered vessel’s cargo was found in his house, and, true or untrue, this charge turned out a serious one for him, as he was immediately afterwards attainted, and his estates confiscated.”

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