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Rory W

I think that Dublin would be a lesser place without O’Connell Bridge house. So the building needs cleaning up, most buildings in Dublin do. Yes there is a need to do something with it (reopen the Rooftop restraunt for one – what a spectacular venue). But I for one would be very disappointed if another Dublin landmark (and I mean that sicerely folks) was to be lost to the 5 storey mock-Georgian brick and clocktower brigade. What other suggestions would people make for O’Connell Bridge House (serious ones please). As they say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and whilst I wouldn’t go as far as to call O’Connell Bridge House beautiful, I will say that it is part of our heritage, and is as much a part of Dublin as the GPO. So renovate it please, replace the prefabricated panels (they do look naff) but don’t kill the building.

Rory W

Also get rid of that replacement for the Harp, its just as bad.

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