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      Whats with the scaffolding? Are they replacing the window panelling?

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      The building will be vacated by the end of this year, so the owner of the building has decided to reglaze it in a desperate attempt to find a new tenant, (the place doesn’t have parking for god sake!!!).
      So thats it, new bloody windows.
      I think the building needs major
      re-structuring if not demolition.
      What a waste of a site that has so much potential.

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      Rory W

      I think that Dublin would be a lesser place without O’Connell Bridge house. So the building needs cleaning up, most buildings in Dublin do. Yes there is a need to do something with it (reopen the Rooftop restraunt for one – what a spectacular venue). But I for one would be very disappointed if another Dublin landmark (and I mean that sicerely folks) was to be lost to the 5 storey mock-Georgian brick and clocktower brigade. What other suggestions would people make for O’Connell Bridge House (serious ones please). As they say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and whilst I wouldn’t go as far as to call O’Connell Bridge House beautiful, I will say that it is part of our heritage, and is as much a part of Dublin as the GPO. So renovate it please, replace the prefabricated panels (they do look naff) but don’t kill the building.

      Rory W

      Also get rid of that replacement for the Harp, its just as bad.

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      Well perhaps suggesting demolition was a bit drastic, but as far as i know the place is only getting a minor facelift, i too would like to see the roof-top area re-opened but as far as i know there are no plans to do this.

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      Heineken v. Guinness.

      Anyone know exactly when O’Connell Bridge House (aka Heineken House) switched brand loyalties? I’m writing a small bit about it and am hoping to verify what O’Connell Bridge House was drinking, er, advertising specifically during the Millennium celebrations on New Year’s Eve 99. I think I’ve managed to narrow the switch down to the 98-2000 window… anyone know for certain?

      On a similar note, I’m guessing (you’ll help me out if I’m wrong here, won’t you) that the scaffolding mentioned here popped up after the celebrations were over, perhaps as part of a regret-tinged, hungover New Year’s Resolution:

      ‘This Millennium, I, O’Connell Bridge House, promise to…’ (Archiseek fun for hours– fill in the blank!) :p

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      i actually really like O’Connell Bridge House and would hate to see it gone,it isnt even that great a building on its own but in the location it is i think it works amazing!true city landmark

      arnt heineken and guiness both owned by diagio so maybe they made the change?

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      Paul Clerkin

      heineken is not owned by guinness/ diageo – infact heineken owns one of the cork stouts (murphys maybe?)

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      You know, you just can’t beat tourists’ photoblogs for dating developments in Dublin, more often than not accompanied with wonderfully comprehensive dates (and hilarious commentaries).

      The below image is dated precisely to July 21st 2000, and as can be seen the Guinness sign is still in situ, while the scaffolding appears to be coming down on the front elevation and going up on the side (that’s the old cladding still on the side isn’t it?)

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      @Paul Clerkin wrote:

      murphys maybe?

      Yup. Murphy’s it is.

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      Love this shot.


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      Guinness it is! Excellent sleuth work, Graham. Trawling tourist photoblogs in the name of architectural veracity… I am humbled and awed by your renegade tactics. Thanks for the info.

      And cool picture of the, ah, ‘Guinness Building’, Morlan. Spiderman always gets the best city views, the crafty bastard.

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      There is also the reference in The Destruction of Dublin to the fact that at some stage during the 1980’s that the revenue from the sign exceeded the rents from the remainder of the building. Definitely the best advertising spot in the Country and unlike Time Square or Picadilly Circus this sign has no competition for attention.

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      Is there currently any advertising on OCB House? I really cannot stand this building, it probably detracts more from visual impression the city of Dublin than any other single building.

      If only someone would knock this disgusting mess down and build something beautiful in it’s place, something worth of OCD and the Liffey.

      Also, as to the picture above:

      The green decor on the Irish Nationwide building is a good example of how bad advertising can almost completely detract from any architectural merit beneath it.

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