1840s – Dinis Cottage, Killarney, Co. Kerry



Dinis Cottage, a former hunting lodge built by the Herbert family of Muckross House, now in use seasonally as tearooms. Little changed today.

“Mr Herbert has built a pretty, picturesque, and commodious cottage, for the gratuitous use of visitors. It is furnished with every requisite for their entertainment; and the housekeeper, a most attentive and obliging person, is ready with her friendly greeting and willing service to those who may require her attendance; a turf fire being always prepared for that necessary portion of an Irish feast – the potatoes; and moreover with ‘arbutus skewers,’ to aid in producing a luxury that may give a new pleasure to the most refined epicure – the salmon sliced and roasted, within a few minutes after he has been a free denizen of the lake.” A Week at Killarney by Mr and Mrs S. C. Hall, London, 1850.