1901 – Design for Dublin Bread Company, O’Connell St., Dublin

Architect: George F. Beckett


“This building has recently been erected in Sackville-street, Dublin. It was found necessary to build the front in the form of two distinct houses, in order to preserve the lines of separate takings, and an attempt has been made to reconcile the consequently dual effect with the uniform purpose for which the building was to be used.

It was also a motive in the design that it should be suitable in character to its purpose, and this principle dictated the emphasising of the first, or luncheon-room, floor as the principal one by the carrying out of large bow windows, over which a large balcony has been j provided, accessible from the smoking-room. The lower portion of the front, the bay windows, and all dressings throughout are of Portland stone, and the rest of the facing of Thompson & Co.’s pressed bricks.

The general contractor was Mr. Jas. Beckett. Messrs. McCulloch & Navin are responsible for the painting and decoration ; Messrs. Henry Hope & Son, of Birmingham, for metal casements ; and Messrs. A. Smith & Stevens, of London, for electric lift.” The Builder, January 19 1901.