1830 – Learmount Castle, Park, Co. Derry

Architect: John B. Keane


A Tudor-Gothic house, built in 1830 by Henry Barré Beresford, a magistrate and the land agent for the Waterford Estate in County Derry, possibly to a design by John B. Keane. The main block has a gabled front and pointed finials on the gables; and a battlemented porch. There was a battlemented wing set back, ending in a slender, round battlemented tower and turret, but this has now been demolished.

The castle was used by Ashleigh House Girls School of Belfast during the Second World War, and afterwards by the Youth Hostel Association for many years. Operated as a hostel until 1983 when the repair bill finally got too much for YHANI. It is now in private ownership. Now in poor condition, the main block has collapsing floors.

Photography Copyright of Coleraine Museum