1936 – Lady Brooke Bridge, Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh

Architect: James Parsons Burkitt


Lady Brooke Bridge is a reinforced concrete structure and spans a total of 165 metres over a section of upper Lough Erne. Designed by engineer James Parsons Burkitt (1870–1959). Burkitt was county surveyor for Fermanagh 1898–1940, and undertook extensive road improvement and introduced tarmacadam road surfaces into the county. In 1932–5 he built two Upper Lough Erne bridges (opened 4 April 1936) from south Fermanagh to Lisnaskea – the fourteen-span Lady Brooke Bridge from Corradiller to Trasna Island, and the ten-span Lady Craigavon Bridge from Trasna Island to Derrymacausey – which were fine examples of early reinforced concrete.

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