1919 – Unbuilt Design for St. Michael’s Church, Cootehill, Co. Cavan

Architect: John J. McDonnell


“The illustration on this page of the new church of St Michael, Cootehill, Co. Cavan which is about to be erected for the Very Rev P. O’Connell PP VG on a commanding site convenient to that of the old church which has been removed for the purpose. Foundations for the new structure have already been laid and now that there is a prospect of cheaper prices being obtained for building it is anticipated that the work will soon be commenced. The plan consists of nave, aisles, baptistry, a large sanctuary, and two transepts with double sacristies. The tower rises to a height of 85ft 0in, the combined width of nave and aisles is 56 ft 0 in and with transepts 91 ft 0, in the total length being 148 ft 0 in and from floor to apex of roof 53 ft 0 in. Local material will be used for the shoddy work and limestone for the dressings. The architects are Messr McDonnell, Lamont and McDonnell, 27 Chichester Street, Belfast.” Illustration and text published in The Irish Builder, August 13 1921.