1911- Dallas, 149 Malone Rd., Belfast

Architect: C.F.A. Voysey


Design for house known as Voysey House or Dallas for Robert Hetherington, Esq. Supervising architects: Young & Mackenzie, Belfast. Plans, elevations and section from RIBA Collection. Listing: Grade B1

“This house is to be built in brick roughcast, with slate roof, stone windows, and iron casements, lead lights, oak joinery, tile sills, and tile skirtings, flush with plaster. Black Dutch tile paving over the entire ground floor. Rough plastered walls, distempered white. Small brick fireplaces, black-leaded. Solid floors and air-flues in each room, to secure equable temperature throughout the year, and a minimum of dust-catching places, and domestic labour and keep clean. Also no periodical decorators’ bills.” – from The British architect, 8th November 1912.