1745 – Waterstown House, Co. Westmeath

Architect: Richard Cassels



Built for Gustavus Handcock-Temple circa 1743-45, the house was three stories over the basement and 7 bays wide, of brick but finished withnstone facing. Cassels work includes a dovecote, walled gardens, a farmyard, and a grotto. The front facade was 7 bays wide and 3 storeys high over a basement. The house was abandoned in 1923 after the owners sold both house and remaining lands to Ireland’s Land Commission. It was sold for scrap in 1928 at which time most of the house was dismantled. Since then more and more of the external fabric has collapsed. A stable block is situated a short distance from the house. The remains of the walled garden also survive and is accessed by a handsome triumphal arch built of brick.

Photographs Copyright Mike Searle