1875 – Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Bessbrook, Co. Armagh

Architect: Richard Hynes


“This church, which is to be opened on next Sunday, is built in the form of a Latin cross, and consists of nave and chancel, with north and south transepts. The length inside is 89 feet, the breadth at transepts 86 feet, and at nave 28 feet. The height to wall plate is 24 feet, and to ridge 44 feet. The style is Early Pointed Gothic of the fourteenth century. There are three entrances, each of which has a porch with folding doors, and a niche and window. The roof is open-timbered, having direct and diagonal framing, with ribs springing from granite corbels. The principals are peculiarly constructed, so as to gain strength and lightness; and the ceiling is finished with yellow pine panelling. The main cornice is deeply moulded with pitch pine, as also the benches. These have channelled backs and solid ends, sunk and stop chamfered. The chancel rail is pierced and cusped, and capped with moulded oak. The roofing, ceiling, and benches are stained and varnished. The outside facing of the wall work is granite, with cut stone base and sills, and fire-brick dressings. The plans were supplied by Mr. Richard Hynes, architect, Newry.” The Irish Builder, June 1 1875. Cost about £3,000.