1890s – Eccles Hotel, Glengarriff, Co. Cork

Architect: Arthur Hill



Long established and rambling cluster of hotel buildings, almost ike a small village along a small and scenic harbour. Since 1745 there has been a hostelry of some sort in this location. According to records at Bantry House, in 1835 Thomas Eccles first rented land and buildings here, taking over the inn on site.

John Eccles, son of Thomas carried out major reconstruction of the Eccles in the 1890s and changed the name from the Glengarriff Inn to The Eccles Hotel. Extensions by Arthur Hill in the late 19th century for John included the rebuilding of the central block with its prominent gables. The Eccles family owned the hotel into the mid 1900s.

The hotel was leased to the British war office from 1918 – 1920, where it was a home of rest for soldiers injured during World War 1, it cost 1 guinea (€1.90) per week for full board and fishing and shooting rights. During 1920/1921 the hotel was occupied by British troops of the Essex Regiment. Still run as a hotel today.