1875 – Design for Glebe House, Rathmines, Dublin

Architect: Alexander W. Robinson

Irish Builder and Engineer

A competition entry to design a glebe house for Rathmines. The competition rules stated that The amount to be expended was not to exceed £1,200, including architect’s fees, and the estimate to include boundary walls, entrance, and drainage. This design was one of the final four adjudicated by J. Rawson Carroll. The winner was Sir Thomas Drew.

“The accommodation required was—1st, a parlour and drawingroom, connected by folding or sliding doors, and a study; 2nd, four bedrooms and a bathroom; 3rd, breakfast parlour, kitchen, scullery, servants’ room, with the necessary adjuncts of w.c.’s, coal vault, and ashpit. This plan was designed to have upper stories executed in red brick, with moulded and blue bricks introduced, and cut-stone heads, corbels, strings, &c. Lower storey to be carried out in chiselled granite work.” The Irish Builder, April 15 1875.