1870 – Entrance Gates, Milltown, Cemetery, Belfast

Architect: Timothy Hevey


Still standing and largely intact today, the gates to the Milltown Cemetery were completed shortly after it opened. “With this number we present a double page illustration of the entrance-gates (now in course of erection) at the new Catholic Cemetery, Milltown, Belfast, for the Right Rev. Dr. Dorrian, and to which we called special attention in our notice of the drawings at the recent exhibition in Belfast.

The materials which are being used are – for the general walling. white Scrabo stone from the quarries of Messrs. Ritchie and Jackson, in uncoursed ashlar work, “pitched”. The quions, weatherings, plinths, copings &c., are of Dungannon stone, and (red) Dumfries sandstone has been introduced sparingly in bands, &c. The shafts in jambs are of Tullamore blue limestone, rubbed.

The carvings (except sculpture in Tympanum) are being erected by local carvers from full-suzed drawings and sketches by the architect.

The works are being executed by Messrs. J. and J. Quiles, builders, of Great Victoria-street, Belfast, under the superintendence of the architect.” The Irish Builder, July 1 1870.