1912 – Unbuilt Proposal for Manitoba’s Legislative Building, Winnipeg

Architect: E. & W.S. Maxwell



From The Building News, May 10 1912: “In this preliminary competition, in which the Government of Manitoba invited designs for a building of the estimated cost of £400,000. Mr. Leonard Stokes, P.R.I.B.A., has selected the following five architects to take part in the final competition: Messrs. Brown and Vallance, Montreal; Messrs. Clemshaw and Portnall. Regina, Saskatchewan; Messrs. E. and W. S. Maxwell, Montreal; Messrs. Sharp and Murray, Toronto: and Mr. F.W. Simon, F.R.I.B.A., Liverpool. Each of these competitors will receive a sum of 2,000 dollars. The competition was limited to architects being subjects of the British Empire and practising therein. May the best man win, anyhow, English or Canadian! Meanwhile, our congratulations to Mr. Simon on his securing a look-in for the old country.”

By September 27, the winner had been announced to be F.W. Simon, with The Building News declaring that “the design by Messrs. E. and W. Maxwell, of Montreal, which of all we have seen next approaches the winning design in excellence.”

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