1876 – Main Entrance, Botanic Gardens, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Architect: William Batt


“The existing lodge next University-road being in a very dilapidated state, the directors intend to rebuild it as speedily as possible and with that object they have obtained plans. The arrangements consist of spacious inner and outer vestibules, ladies and gentlemn’s rooms, caretaker’s apartments, closets, #c., &c.

The opens are to have cared caps and keystones, and walls faced with the best perforated brick. The fittings are to be pitch pine, stained and varnished. The pediment is to contain an illuminated public clock. The plans have been prepared by Mr. William Batt, jun., of Donegall-place, Belfast.” Published in The Irish Builder, May 15 1876.

The building was redesigned prior to construction, and not built in this form. The building that was constructed has since been demolished.

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