1899 – Baptist Church, Northwich, Cheshire

Architect: Francis P. Halsall


“The subject of this sketch, now approaching completion, is situated close to Acton Bridge Station, Cheshire, and is to replace the present building at Ouston, which is both too small and inconveniently situated for the present congregation. The church is arranged to seat 200. There is an organ chamber on one side, and the school- room, in the form of a long transept, on the other, with two vestries in the rear. The school-room is to hold 100, and is separated from the church by means of two pointed arches fitted with folded doors, so that on special occasions it can be thrown open to the church, and thus provide accommodation for a congregation of 300. The baptistery is under the Communion platform, and will be finished with cream-coloured glazed tiles, with steps at each end. The elevations are in red pressed bricks and red Runcorn sandstone. The architect is Mr. Francis P. Halsall, A.R.I.B.A., Post Office-avenue, Southport : and the contractor Mr. Samuel Appleton, Northwich.” Published in The Building News, August 18 1899.