1898 – Jubilee Creche, Hounslow, London

Architect: H. Ward


“This building, erected in memory of their little boy by Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, is intended to fill a want much felt in the neighbourhood. The building is constructed of red brick with Bath stone dressings, lied hanging tiles cover the upper wall surfaces, and the roof is covered with dork Broseley tiles. The creche is 21ft. by 15ft., and has communicating with it a cot-room and scullery, bath-room, with kitchener, copper, &c. There is a small committee-room close to the entrance, and separate lavatory accommodation is provided for the matron and children. A matron’s residence and maid’s room is arranged on tho upper floor. The building has boon carried out by Mr. Hillins, builder, of Hounslow ; the carving is by Mr. Roseliel, of Clayton Works, Konnington ; and Mr. H. Ward, of Hastings, is the architect.” Published in The Building News, August 26 1898.