1882 – Design for Waterford City Markets

Architect: Walter G. Doolin

As a result of an architectural competition held in 1880, Walter G. Doolin`s designs for a new markethall were adopted. The building was completed by 1882 at a cost of £12,000.

From The Building News, Oct. 22, 1880: “In an open competition among architeots the design of Mr. Walter G. Doolin, architect, of Dublin, has been selected for the Waterford City Markets. There were thirteen competitors. The site presents, nevertheless, some difficulties, owing to irregularity both of boundary and surface. By the introduction of the range of shops or stalls in Peter-street, and the ring of stalls round Market-hall, roofed at a different level from the main roof of the Market-hall, many difficulties in dealing with the main roof are avoided. The site is inclosed on four sides by stalls opening on a central hall, or covered hall, size 74ft. by 143ft., divided into bays, which also mark the spaces for the ordinary open stalls by the columns supporting the main roof, which is in five spans. The stalls surrounding the Market hall will be of the nature of shops. The author has made the Market-hall as lofty as seemed desirable. Ventilation is secured by the louvred lantern extending the whole length of each span of roof.

It is intended to face the exterior of stalls of brickwork — Youghal and English bricks mixed, using Waterford bricks on the inside of wall. All internal division walls to be of concrete, as also the open stalls and floor of Market-hall. No limit of cost was laid down in the instructions to competitors. — The same architect’s designs for the new church of St. Carthagb, Lismore, Waterford Co. have also been selected. The church will cost about £8,000, and the works will be proceeded with immediately. A simple elevation has been chosen for the exterior of Romanesque character.”