1914 – The Fletcher Moss Home, Didsbury, Lancashire

Architect: John Swarbrick


Published in The Building News, September 19 1919: “This drawing, recently exhibited at this years Royal Academy, was prepared “before the’ war for Mr. Fletcher Moss, J.P., the author of “Pilgrimages to Old Homes” and other works. The view illustrates the entrance front, overlooking the main highway. The home has been designed with separate rooms for residents, communicating with a central hall, and is for the accommodation of poor gentlefolk.”

Fletcher Moss was a public-spirited individual and successfully campaigned for a public library in Didsbury. He had plans to open a home for poor gentlefolk and bequeathed his land and playing fields to the people of Manchester. Unfortunately, the value of the estate following death duties was insufficient to fund the home and it never materialised.