1918 – School for Crippled & Deaf Children, Bolton Rd., Bradford, Yorkshire

Architect: William Williamson


Now a care centre for children with disabilities. From The Building News, January 1, 1919: “These school buildings have just been completed. They mark a further advance in the educational work of the city. The site is situate immediately off Bolton Road, and the principal entrance is from Severn Road, off Lister-Lane. The buildings are one-story throughout, and are so disposed upon the site that the class-rooms and assembly halls obtain the maximum of sunlight. There are three distinct blocks of buildings, which are connected up by a covered corridor, the centra! block being used as a dining centre with the usual kitchen offices and for manual-work classes. At the east end is placed the deaf school and at the west end the school for physically defective children. An open corridor, with glazed roof, runs along tho front land back of the classrooms and cloakrooms, and open-ir teaching verandahs are provided at each end of the west block of buildings.

The external walls to the school have been built with local wallstones relieved by ashlar dressings, and the main roofs throughout are covered with Burlington blue slates. The flat roofs are constructed of reinforced concrete and finished with asphalt, and the verandah roofs are covered with patent glazing. The floors of the classrooms and assembly halls are laid ‘with maple boarding nailed to coke-breeze concrete, and those to the verandahs are laid with granolithic paving. We give the detailed plans of each of the three buildings and sections, as well as the general block plan. Mr. W. Williamson, L. R.I.B.A., the city architect, designed and supervised their erection.”