1756 – Rathaus, Bamberg, Bavaria

Architect: J.M. Küchel




Constructed on an island on the Obere Brücke, a bridge from completed in 1455, is the Rathaus or City Hall. Rebuilt on the site of an earlier building of 1386, by J.M. Küchel in 1744-1756. Its unusual situation reflects the fact that it served both the Bürgerstadt and the episcopal town on their different sides of the river.

It presents a varied appearance – a half-timbered section appears to hang precariously over the rushing river, while a sold masonry tower provides a covered walkway between the two sections of bridge. This has an elaborate baroque sculpture breaking free of the solidness of the masonry. The bulk of the building is finished in decorated stucco, a finish found across Bavaria. Sometimes the decoration took the form of architectural detail, but here it’s more fanciful, more decorative, and baroque.