1854 – Harbour Commissioners’ Office, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Architect: George Smith / W.H. Lynn




Originally the central bays were constructed as a free standing Italiante palazzo to designs by George Smith, the architect to the Harbour Commissioners. Later extended in 1895 by W.H. Lynn, who added symmetrical wings with attic storeys as well as changing the Classical order used by Smith. The interior has opulent materials and fittings, and a public hall that has been described as one of Lynn’s best interior spaces.

“At the other end of the Clarendon Dock are the Harbour Board offices, by Mr. W.H. Lynn, a large, well-massed Renaissance building, with some strong features and good, ordinary detail. It is mainly two storied, but the blocks forming the wings of the main front have attics with a good deal of character. The broad, deep portico, of the Ionic order, projecting on the ground story beyond the wings, and stopped by solid masonry, is also a success. At the back of the building is a small clock-tower, with an elegant little octagonal belfry, which, like the spire of St. Joseph’s, is conspicuous from the river and docks.” The Builder, November 19 1898.